I am a commercial photographer and independent film director based in New England. On previous sets, my positions have been Script Supervisor, Gaffer, Camera Operator, and Director. I have a few years of experience in film productions with short narrative films and documentaries alongside a strong focus on digital art.  I have been a participant of the 48 Hour Film Festival for two years in a row and have volunteered for the Rhode Island International Film Festival. I have also been involved in Boston Fashion Week. FB Page: https://facebook.com/dmateus

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Interesting cases only please.

Interesting cases only please.

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‘But no touching.’
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


But no touching.’

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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The toughest thing about the shield was making it believable that [Captain America] could throw this thing, have it bounce off something, then take some guy out and have it come back to him. We tried some practical stuff, where he’s throwing a rubber shield. Nothing worked until we handed it over to Chris Evans, until we said, ‘Okay, we’ve got this shield. It’s this wide, it weighs this much. What would you do? How would you throw it?’ And he came up with some really interesting ways of doing it. He had nothing in his hands, he was just miming the actions. It was basically Chris Evans’ ability to mime throwing and catching the shield that made it work.”

- Joe Johnston, director, Captain America: The First Avenger

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The past: a new and uncertain world. A world of endless possibilities and infinite outcomes. Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment - a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripple, and you change the tide… for the future is never truly set.

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A study of John Watson

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Japan’s Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden used over 7,000,000 LED lights to create this amazing tribute to nature featuring displays of rainbows, auroras, and Mt. Fuji.

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Star Trek Into Darkness - Gag Reel

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"After wrapping Guardians of the Galaxy I was very homesick and I was coming home to my wife and my son, who at the time was 13 months old. My wife told me ‘Hey, listen there’s a chance he may not recognize you and he may be a little shy’ and so I came in there, and he just sat right up and had this big smile on his face. He started saying ‘Daddy, daddy, daddy!’ and I just started to cry. He saw the tears in my eyes and started doing bits to make me laugh and that just made me cry more."

- Chris Pratt on the best day of his life.

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